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Subject How to manually remove iTivity iManager
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How to manually remove iTivity iManager

How to manually remove iTivity iManager

There is a corner case in iTivity iManager 8.0.03 to 8.0.07 where it is possible under Windows
NOT to be able to remove the iManager due to a MSI daisy chain issue with FileZilla. To
solve this problem please follow the steps below :

1- Make sure no one is running the iManager on the Windows system.
2- Download the following utility from Microsoft's website which will allow users to
remove problem installations from the link below :


3- Once downloaded proceed to click on the Download button and follow the installation instructions.

4- Run the program as Administrator

5- Click on Next->Uninstalling

6- Select iTivity iManager from the list of programs and click on Next.

7- Select 'Yes, try uninstall'.

This will uninstall the iManager.
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