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Subject Where can I find the latest installers ?
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Where can I find the latest installers ?

Below are the permanent links to all the iTivity Installers. You are guaranteed to get the latest
release of iTivity from here. They are all symbolic links which point to the actual installer whose name also contains the version of the product.

These are the permanent links to all the installers.

Windows iServer : ftp:/ftp://ftp.tridia.com/download/iTivity/Win32/iServer/iTivityiServer.msi

Windows iManager : ftp://ftp.tridia.com/download/iTivity/Win32/iManager/iTivity_iManager.msi

Windows UnAttended iAgent: ftp://ftp.tridia.com/download/iTivity/Win32/UnattendediAgent/iTivityUnattendediAgent.msi

Windows Attended iAgent: ftp://ftp.tridia.com/download/iTivity/Win32/AttendediAgent/iTivity_Attended.msi

Linux iServer: ftp://ftp.tridia.com/download/iTivity/Linux/iServer/iTivityiServer.tar

Linux iManager: ftp://ftp.tridia.com/download/iTivity/Linux/iManager/iTivityiManager.tar

Linux iAgent: ftp://ftp.tridia.com/download/iTivity/Linux/iAgent/iTivityiAgent.tar
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