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Subject How to use UltraVNC server instead of UltraVNC server ?
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How to use UltraVNC server instead of UltraVNC server ?

Starting with iTivity Unattended iAgent 8.0.04 build 1

1- This release provides support for using UltraVNC as the
back end VNC server instead of the default TridiaVNC server.
To enable this feature in the Unattended iAgent one only
needs to add the following registry setting :

On 64 bit Windows systems :


On 32 bit Windows systems :


In addition the UltraVNC server must be told to listen
onto localhost port 7951. To do this one can right click
on the UltraVNC icon found on the status bar, and then
select 'Admin Properties'. Once select change the following
to entries :

Ports Main : 7951

And make sure that the check box 'Accept sockets connections' is
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