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Subject How to handle DV when upgrading from AIX 6 to AIX 7.
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How to handle DV when upgrading from AIX 6 to AIX 7.

When performing an upgrade of the operating, in place such as upgrading
from AIX 6 to AIX 7 the best practice is to do the following :

1- Remove DV.
2- Perform the operating system upgrade and normal.
3- Re-install DV.

The reason is that DV is compiled on a per operating system basis,
and when DV is installed, the install program will test the version of the
operating system and COPY the corresponding files, drivers and binaries
to the proper locations.

When an in place upgrade is performed, without a re-installation of DV,
then binaries will not match the version of the operating and DV will not run
as it performs security and versions checks specifically to make sure that
the proper binaries and running on the proper version of the operating system.

In other words, DV does not install the binaries on the fly each time it turns,
as operating system upgrades do not happen that frequently.

To Remove DV issue the command as root :


To install DV download the latest version from :


and place the file under '/tmp' and issue the commands :

cd /tmp
tar xvf dvpro-aix.tar
and answer the prompts.

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