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Subject How to make a double click on an iAgent default to starting an RDP session.
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How to make a double click on an iAgent default to starting an RDP session.

When a user double clicks on a highlighted iAgent the default action is to launch a VNC
viewer to remote control a session. This default behavior can be changed by applying
the following registry settings for Windows Systems and further below are the instructions
on how to configure this behavior under Linux/Unix systems :

For 64 bit systems you can use the first set of registry settings.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


And for 32 bit systems you can use the following registry settings :


For Linux/Unix systems please make the following changes :

The iManager configuration file can be found under :


and the settings there are applied to all users first, but a single user can
customize his/her settings by editing their own configuration file which resides
under :

$HOME/.iTivity/iManager/iManger.conf :

To change the default viewer ...
1 = RDP
0 = VNC


To view the Console by default viewer ...
1 = view console
0 = start new RDP session


We recommend setting RDP as the default viewer for the two configuration settings
for a consistent behavior in the iManager.

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