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Connection Run Postgres, MySQL or Oracle client over iTivity to remote database server
Connection Subversion or SVN Source Repository Access over iTivity Port Forward
Connection Port forwarding custom SSH and putty commands via iTivity
Connection Enable port forwarding for any connection or protocol to any iAgent accessible system and port number
Connection Configuring Windows 2008 Firewall for use with iTivity iAgents and iServer
Connection iAgent Proxy Server Configuration and Settings - SOCKS and HTTP proxy
Connection iTivity Connection Delays from Misconfigured iAgents
Connection iManager Remote Desktop error on 64 bit Vista: The specified computer can not be found
Connection iTivity Installation Wizard: Can I connect to an iServer from another location?
Connection Some iAgents unavailable, continually reconnect or disconnect after no activity
Connection MS Vista UAC prompt disconnects Live Support iAgent, not Admin iAgent
Connection Proxy server fails with correct connection information - SOCKS V4 vs. V5 - iTivity
Connection iAgent does not appear in iManager - host or client will not connect - iAgent missing from iManager listing
Connection Trouble Connecting to iTivity Agents Version 4.7.XX 1 issue
Connection Output from netstat -anp
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